Benefits of Fastbraces and How They Work

Have you always dreamed of having straight teeth, but dread the idea of metal braces? How about if you’re an adult, and being in meetings, conference calls, and always seeing your friends may hinder you desire to get metal braces. On top of it all, what if they take a long time to produce results? Thanks to modern technology, and inventors having the patient in mind, we now have something called Fastbraces! What are they?

How Fastbraces Work

Fastbraces use a special technology that harnesses the power of triangular brackets and couples it with elastic wire to promos movement of the teeth without having to constantly come into our office for adjustments and switches of wires. Fast braces make it possible for your teeth to move where they need to go in much less time.

Their Benefits

The benefits of fast braces are unparalleled in comparison with other conventional forms of aligning your teeth.Let review some of these benefits together:

  • The process is super comfortable. Even though the teeth are set to move at a faster pace than metal braces, the material itself is much more flexible. Thanks to this flexible material, you don’t have to worry about cutting the inside of your mouth and your teeth move where they need to.
  • They are hardly noticeable. The brackets being triangular take up much less space in the mouth and even less o each individual tooth, making them appear less bulky than traditional braces.
  • Your teeth will look beautiful, faster. The biggest benefit associated with this treatment is that the braces come off sooner. The materials and technology allow for a quick solution to even the most crooked teeth.

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If you love the idea of Fastbraces, or maybe a more conventional alignment process is more your style, give our Kew Gardens, NY, office a call to schedule a consultation with our highly-trained staff and dental professionals. At Dental Arts KG, we want to see you with your most beautiful, and healthiest smile!

What You Need To Know About Root Canals

The thought of a root canal treatment may easily terrify many people. Knowing what is involved in a root canal allows for a less stressful procedure. Our dentists at Dental Arts KG are experienced in providing root canal therapy on our patients. What is a root canal and is it a painful procedure? How long will your procedure take? Continue reading to find the answers to these commonly asked questions.

How can a root canal save your tooth?

A root canal is the inside of your tooth where the nerves and blood are located. When the pulp inside your canal becomes infected, your dentist will need to properly clean them out. This happens when cavities enter the canal and bring bacteria that leads to the infection. A root canal properly cleans out the tooth and helps to save your infected tooth.

How long do root canals take?

Most of the time, our dentists at Dental Arts KG can perform a root canal treatment in just one visit. The overall appointment should only last a couple of hours. If we want you to return for further treatment, then we may ask you to schedule an appointment a week or two later.

How long will you be numb after the root canal procedure?

Our dentists numb the area in order to prevent pain and discomfort from your treatment process. Depending on your circumstances, the numbness will wear off within a few hours of your appointment.

How many times will you need to visit the office for a root canal?

Our dentists prefer to complete the root canal treatment in just one visit. If more appointments are needed, then our dentist may choose to leave a medication inside the canal for further protection.

The Importance of Bringing Children to the Dentist

Some parents grow hesitant to send their children to the dentist too early, but we’re here to tell you that as soon as your children even have teeth, the time has finally come to begin teaching them about the importance oral care and hygiene. Their baby teeth are just as important as their adult teeth, so by taking them to the dentist early, your setting them on a path of good dental health.

Children’s Diet

Statistics indicate that as early as three, as many as 30 percent of children are already experiencing tooth decay. This is, in large part, to do with children’s eating habits. We know that as parents it can be really difficult to excite and peak your children’s interest to eat vegetable and things healthy for them. Unfortunately, they begin to be more inclined to eat sugary foods or candies that do nothing for the health of their teeth. So because of these facts, teaching your kids how to brush and care for their teeth grows even more important.

Forming Good Habits

Parents should have a few things in mind when it comes to habits their children should pick up o drop as they continue to grow:

  • Proper use of fluoride
  • What to do about finger or thumb sucking
  • Milestones for teething
  • How to brush a child’s teeth

At Dental Arts KG in Kew Gardens, NY, our main priority is you and your family’s oral care. We treat you like our family, making sure you have your oral care in order, and that you have the proper tools to maintain your oral health while you aren’t in our office. We re always available by phone, and are happy to take in new patients that are ready to have their oral health transformed! Give us a call today to schedule your first appointment with us.

How Much Do Same Day Dental Crowns Cost?

Are you in need of a dental crown restoration for your smile? Our dentists at Dental Arts in Kew Gardens, NY provide patients with same day dental crowns. Same day dental crowns provide the benefit of efficiency and less pain than prolonged procedures. Our dentists realize the need for long-lasting and effective dental procedures that will improve our patient’s oral health. To learn more about the general pricing for dental crowns, continue reading on.

Is the cost of same-day crowns all the same?

Crowns are a more affordable option compared to other restoration options. Dental crowns are unique to each individual patient. Each patient will require a different amount of materials and a specific number of crowns for their smile. The true beauty of dental crowns from our dentist is that they can be completed in just one appointment with our dentists. This lessens the costs of additional appointments with our dentists. We accept a variety of insurances that cover at least part of same day dental crowns expenses. Contact your insurance provider to find out what they will cover for you.

Who is a candidate for same-day crown dentistry?

Dental crowns provide a wide range of benefits to your smile. They provide help if your teeth are misshapen, need additional support or strength, chipped or cracked, or have severe decay. They also help to improve a variety of things for your oral health. Our dentists can help you to save money on same day crown dentistry.

If you are in need of dental crowns, then contact our dentists at Dental Arts in Kew Garden, NY for more information on restorations for your smile. Contact our dentists today to set up your next appointment with one of our dentists.

Why Same Day Dental Crowns Are a Better Choice

Do you have extremely decayed or damaged teeth? Recently had a root canal and need your tooth restored? At Dental Arts Kew Gardens, we are proud to offer same-day dental crowns for a variety of dental complications. Wondering if a dental crown is right for you? They can help treat:

  • Decayed Teeth
  • Chipped Teeth
  • Cracked Teeth
  • Fractured Teeth
  • Broken Teeth
  • Worn Teeth
  • Uneven Teeth
  • Misshapen Teeth
  • Discolored Teeth
  • Root Canal Treatment
  • Dental Implants
  • Dental Bridges

Up until recently, the process of receiving a dental crown was actually quite complicated and required multiple appointments. Patients were often left with “temporary” crowns or an unsightly looking tooth. The dental crowns themselves were actually created in a lab off-site, receiving impressions or images to create your specific prosthetic.

About Our Same-Day Crowns in Kew Gardens

At Dental Arts, we utilize a special CEREC machine to create our same-day crowns. Our advanced CEREC machine can use various materials along with digital images/models to create the perfect prosthetic tooth while you wait. This results in significantly less time at the dental office and requires only one appointment, not multiple. Temporary crowns are also a thing of the past at Dental Arts, no need to worry about the durability or appearance of your temporary dental crown, you’ll walk out of our office with a permanent dental crown in just one visit.

Our same-day tooth crowns are just as strong, durable and dependable as a dental crown that can take weeks to receive. We utilize the same high-quality materials to craft the perfect tooth for restoring your smile, best of all; you don’t have to wait until your next appointment.

Get Your Kew Gardens Same Day Dental Crowns

Interested in dental crowns in Kew Gardens? Schedule an appointment with Dental Arts today; we’d be happy to determine whether you are a candidate for a dental crown and get one created for you in just one appointment.

What You Need to Know About Dental Veneers

A pearly-white healthy set of teeth is a feature highly coveted by everyone. Aging, hereditary factors, lifestyle choices, and accidents are some of the factors that contribute to discolored and damaged teeth. If you feel your smile is less than perfect, you should consult your cosmetic dentist for possible treatment options. Porcelain veneers are one of several cosmetic dentistry procedures used to improve the looks of your teeth and smile

What They Are

Dental veneers are wafer-thin sheets of tooth-colored material that are bonded to the fronts of your natural teeth to improve their looks. Porcelain is widely used as the restorative material of choice because it closely resembles the natural tooth enamel. Porcelain veneers can be mistaken for the real thing only that it looks better and can give you that brilliant smile you’ve always craved for.

The Veneer Process

If you think that porcelain veneers might be right for you, you’ll need to consult with your cosmetic dentist. If he agrees that porcelain veneers will be the best solution, he will go through the application process with you. Some veneers will require your teeth to be stripped of a thin layer of enamel—less than a milliliter—so they can fit properly. Other types of porcelain veneers can be bonded to your teeth with less preparation. Your cosmetic dentist will determine the most suitable process for you.

Benefits of Dental Veneers

Porcelain veneers are customized to fit your teeth for a great smile. They look very much like your natural teeth but have the added advantage of being stain resistant. They can be used to address a number of dental cosmetic issues including darkening, gapped, crooked, or overlapped teeth. Porcelain veneers are also effective in correcting permanently stained teeth.

How Do I Take Care of My Dental Implants?

If you have just had a dental implant procedure with your dentist at Dental Arts in Kew Gardens, NY, then surely you are familiar with the importance of prioritizing care to keep your implants looking new. Your oral health is the gateway to an overall healthy body and healthy you. Read on to further learn how you can take care of your dental implants.

  • Regular Brushing. Regardless of any procedure or treatment you might have, brushing your teeth at least twice a day is essential in protecting your pearly whites. Brushing your teeth will eliminate the buildup of plaque and bacteria. It is the best way to protect your teeth from decay and other diseases.

  • Daily flossing. Although we are reminded to floss every day, it still may not be a habit for us. Flossing will help to get rid of bacteria and debris caught between your implants. The bacteria left between your teeth can ultimately lead to tooth decay and other diseases. Ask your dentist to show you proper flossing techniques to further protect your teeth.

  • Regular dental appointments. Regularly visiting your Dental Arts dentist will allow them to check and see the progress of your dental implants. Your dentist will be able to catch problems before they become a big issue.

  • Professional cleaning. We recommend you professionally clean your teeth four times a year during the first year of your treatment. Talk to your dentist after the year is over to see how often they recommend professional cleanings for you. It may vary patient to patient.

The reason dental implants are so successful is because the screening process is exceptionally thorough. Contact us today to schedule your next dentist appointment and continue to protect your teeth!

Wisdom Tooth Pain: Signs You Need an Extraction

It is very rare to ever hear of someone who is living with their wisdom teeth fully grown in without any problems whatsoever. So, why do they exist in the first place if all they do is cause problems? How do you know if you need to remove your wisdom teeth? Did you know that it’s necessary to remove wisdom teeth sometimes before they are even fully exposed?

We don’t expect you to be an expert on all things about oral health, but we want to help inform you.

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the teeth farthest back in your mouth. They are often referred to as the third molars and typically come in later in life. However, everyone is different. Some people never get wisdom teeth at all! (although this doesn’t mean they aren’t wise)

Why Do We Have Wisdom Teeth?

In the past, our distant ancestors needed substantially more chewing power than we do today. A hard diet of roots, plants, and meat wasn’t as soft and easy to chew as the processed foods that we consume today. Over time, the human jaw has shrunk in size, and these wisdom teeth no longer grow in properly for the majority of people.

Why is Extraction Necessary?

Here are three signs that would mean that your wisdom teeth need to be extracted:

  • Your wisdom teeth are causing you pain.

    Pain can indicate that a cavity is forming or that the teeth are pressing up against something that they shouldn’t

  • The gums are inflamed.

    Inflamed gums mean that oral hygiene isn’t being properly taken care of. It can be difficult to care for teeth so far back in the mouth. In this case, the teeth should be removed.

Your Lifestyle Guide to Adult Braces

While it’s never too late to improve your smile, you may be turned off at the idea of displaying a mouthful of metal, especially as an adult. If you want a healthier smile but don’t want to endure orthodontic treatment, this comprehensive guide to living with braces is geared toward you!

Keep the Goal in Mind

Wearing braces is just like every other means-to-an-end. You work out regularly to stay fit. Each day you head to work to make a living. Even washing dishes or doing laundry applies, if want fresh clothes or clean eating utensils you simply must do it.

Braces are no different. In fact, orthodontic treatment is a means to multiple ends:

  • Correct bite problems
  • Improved chewing and speaking
  • Healthier teeth
  • Reduced risk of decay
  • A straight, beautiful smile
  • Bonus results in increased confidence

Em-Brace Your New Look!

It is not uncommon to see more adults wearing braces these days. In fact, so many older people are seeking treatment, you may have stopped noticing. Therefore, there are more people out there who can relate to having braces later in life.

Care for Your Braces

There are pros and cons that come with caring for your braces and underlying teeth.


  • Seeking orthodontic treatment was your decision, not your parents’ choice.
  • You understand the cause and effect of orthodontic treatment more thoroughly.
  • You want to get the most bang for your buck.


Young adolescents and older teens are amid change. As an established adult, you may find it more difficult to adjust your ingrained routine. Regarding oral care, braces require more diligent work. It takes longer to floss, and you need to do it carefully. Brushing your teeth is tricky, and you mustn’t eat some of the foods you are used to enjoying.

For all the “pros” you will care for your braces and teeth properly, you will do great! And, of course, you can always call our Queens, NY dental clinic for more tips or to ask any questions.

Know Your Options

If the thought of wearing traditional metal braces as an adult still seems unpleasant, know your options. Dental Arts Kew Gardens also offers Fast Braces and Invisalign.

If you have been told in the past that you are not a candidate for clear aligners, don’t hesitate to check with us. We have extensive experience and will determine which orthodontic treatment is best for your case.

Is Sedation Dentistry Right for You?

Does the thought of a visit to the dentist make you cringe? Would you rather pet a spider than get that cavity filled? At Dental Arts in Kew Gardens, we understand dental anxiety and want each of our patients to have a calm, comforting and exceptional experience. For this reason, we are proud to offer nitrous oxide “sedation” dentistry. Nitrous oxide, commonly referred to as laughing gas, is a safe and healthy compound which can be used to provide a more relaxed dental experience. Wondering what the benefits of nitrous oxide dentistry are?

  • Provides a relaxing effect. For patients that feel nervous or anxious at the dental office, nitrous oxide can provide a safe, healthy and calming effect, allowing the patient to feel more relaxed during treatment.
  • Reduces patient gag reflex. Nitrous oxide can also reduce the gag reflex, allowing our dental staff to work on your teeth, gums and oral health without your gag reflex becoming induced.
  • Allows patient to remain responsive. Other forms of sedation dentistry may make communication with the patient difficult; nitrous oxide allows the patient to remain responsive to directions and able to communicate with our dental staff.
  • Does not provide complete sedation. Nitrous oxide also leaves the patient completely awake, yet relaxed while other forms of sedation dentistry can completely sedate the patient.
  • No lingering side effects. Once treatment has been completed, oxygen will be increased, completely removing the nitrous from your system, allowing you to continue with your day. Other forms of sedation dentistry require the patient be driven to and from the appointments.

Kew Gardens Sedation Dentistry Process

During your appointment at our Kew Gardens dental office, you will be provided with a small mask which will be placed over the nose. You will be asked to breathe normally through your nose as nitrous oxide is administered through the mask. After just a few minutes you will begin to feel more calmed and relaxed. Once your treatment has been completed, oxygen levels will be increased, allowing the nitrous oxide to leave your system fully.