4 Dental Habits You Should Break

4 Dental Habits You Should Break

Taking care of our teeth and having a beautiful, healthy smile is very important. While brushing, flossing and routine dental care can help take care of your teeth, there are lots of bad dental habits people may not even think about. From opening things with teeth to nail biting, certain habits can negatively impact your dental health and hygiene.

Nail Biting

Many people bite and chew their nails out of nervous habit which can chip, crack and damage teeth. Jaw issues are also common in nail biters due to the position you must hold your mouth, putting pressure on your jaw. If you find yourself often biting on your nails there are ways to curb the habit. Certain nail polishes with either a bitter or spicy taste can be an effective reminder to keep your nails out of your mouth. In situations that may induce nail-biting, occupying your hands can also be helpful. Stress reduction is another big one but can be easier said than done, set small goals that you can achieve.

Teeth Clenching/Grinding

Do you wake up with painful teeth or jaw, find yourself clenching your teeth throughout the day? This habit can crack, chip and wear away teeth. For patients that clench at night, a mouthguard can be custom made to wear while sleeping. Patients who clench or grind during the day can make active thoughts to keep teeth not touching. Some sugar-free gums may help as well.

Chewing Ice

Ice is often easy to chew but on occasion, we see patients that have managed to crack, chip and damage their teeth and dental work. Patients with fillings, crowns, bridges, etc. are at a higher risk for their dental work needing to be re-done due to damage. If ice is too tempting, try drinking from a straw or chilling beverages in the fridge.

Frequent Snacking

Most people brush their teeth once or twice a day, but what happens in your mouth in between those cleanings? Depending on how often you snack, you could be constantly feeding bacteria in your mouth with leftover food. This produces acid and can wear away at the enamel which protects your tooth. Try to cut down on snacking, if you must snack choose ones that are not high in sugar. Always use water to wash away debris after eating food. Certain mouthwashes may be helpful to use throughout the day as well.

Want your teeth to be the healthiest they can be? Then avoid these 4 bad dental habits! Always make sure to be keeping up with routine at home dental care as well as scheduled dental visits.