4 Things To Bring To Your Emergency Dentistry Appointment – Be Prepared!

4 Things To Bring To Your Emergency Dentistry Appointment – Be Prepared!

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In the event of you incurring a dental injury, it is advised to schedule an emergency appointment with your nearest emergency dentistry. Generally, it is best to seek emergency dental care within 12 hours of the injury as timely treatment can help you save your tooth. However, ensure getting the following 4 things for your emergency dentistry appointment.

1. A Family Member or a Friend

Your emergency dental work might require sedation depending upon the seriousness and nature of your injury and the amount of pain you are. Certain sedation might render you unable you to drive yourself back home. This is one of the reasons our team at Dental Arts KC recommend you to get a family member or a friend for your emergency dental care appointment.

2. Your Knocked Out Tooth or Piece of Damaged Dental Work

In case you have knocked out your tooth or damaged any dental work done by your dentist earlier, you need to carry it along with you for your emergency dental care appointment. It will help your dentist to replace it and understand how and why it fell out or became loose.

3. Your dental insurance card

Most dental insurance policies cover emergency dentistry, and it makes it important to carry your insurance card along with you. However, also ensure to carry some cash or your credit card in case your dental insurance does not cover certain treatments and towards co-paying at our office.

4. Your Emergency Dental Care Kit

Keeping an emergency dental care kit which contains a sterile gauze and some pain relievers can be a good idea. However, avoid taking aspirin as it thins the blood and prevents proper clotting. The gauze will help you control the bleeding and the pain relieves will help you manage the pain till you reach our office.

If you are a resident of Kew Gardens, NY., save our number 718-682-7134 in your emergency contact and reach out to Dental Arts Kew Gardens in the event of a dental emergency.