Are You Being Nice to Your Toothbrush?

Are You Being Nice to Your Toothbrush?

Your toothbrush plays an important role when it comes to your dental hygiene and overall dental health; every single day, you use your toothbrush to clean your teeth twice a day for two full minutes each time (at least we hope you are!). Doing this over a long period of time can eventually wear down the bristles on your toothbrush, which can really affect the effectiveness of how well it’s able to clean your teeth. In addition, how you clean and store your toothbrush can also play a role in how effective your toothbrush is. For that reason, we’ve compiled a few tips to ensure that your toothbrush gets the care it needs!

Replacing Your Toothbrush

We recommend that you replace their toothbrush every 3 to 4 months, or earlier if you begin to notice that the bristles are starting to fray. We also recommend that you replace your toothbrush immediately after you have recovered from a cold or flu. That way, you can avoid the possibility of reinfection, and prevent harmful bacteria from damaging your teeth and gums.

Cleaning Your Toothbrush

When it comes to cleaning your toothbrush, it’s important that you rinse it thoroughly with tap water before use because small microorganisms or particles in the air could settle on it in-between uses. In addition, it’s also important to rinse your toothbrush with tap water after use to wash away any remaining toothpaste and debris.

Storing Your Toothbrush

Once you have finished using your toothbrush and rinsing it, make sure you store it upright—with the bristle side up—so it can air-dry. Make sure the toothbrush is stored away at least 6 feet away from the toilet; this is to ensure that airborne particles from flushing do not reach the toothbrush. Also, avoid using a toothbrush cover when storing; the dark, moist environment can promote bacterial growth. If your toothbrush shares the same holder as other toothbrushes, make sure they remain separated to prevent cross-contamination.

By replacing your toothbrush frequently, cleaning it regularly, and storing it correctly, you can ensure that it remains effective in cleaning your teeth of plaque and other small particles! So, are you being nice to your toothbrush?