Dental Care During & After Pregnancy

Dental Care During & After Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting time and one in which it’s particularly important to think about your health. You might wonder whether it’s safe to visit the dentist during pregnancy, and the answer is yes! Here is some important information about dental care both during and after your pregnancy.

Dental Care while Pregnant

You might not think that dental care and pregnancy would go hand in hand, but pregnancy is a great time to visit the dentist. Most dental procedures can still be completed while pregnant, although you might want to postpone any dental treatment that might require medication or sedation until after pregnancy just to be safe. The second trimester is typically regarded as the best time to have dental work done while pregnant.

It’s a good idea to keep up with your regular dental checkups while pregnant, both to avoid any kind of infection in your mouth and because your hormone levels can affect your good oral health, especially your gums—leaving you vulnerable to periodontal disease. X-rays are generally considered safe, but can almost always be postponed until after pregnancy if you’d prefer.

Dental Care After Pregnancy

It’s a good idea to make a dental appointment shortly after you have your baby to address any oral issues that may have cropped up during pregnancy. Your dentist will check your entire mouth, including your gums, to make sure everything looks healthy. Gum disease is known to occur during pregnancy, so your dentist might recommend a fluoride treatment or other safety measures to keep it under control.

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