Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings at Dental Arts KG, NY

Tooth fillings are special dental materials used to repair minor damage to a tooth as a result of decay, cavities, or trauma. There are two types of fillings commonly used in dentistry: composite—tooth-colored—fillings and amalgam—silver—fillings.

Benefits of Tooth Fillings

  • Improves the appearance of a tooth. Fillings, especially composite fillings, improve the appearance of a tooth; the tooth-colored nature of composite fillings allows the tooth to regain the same color and shape as natural teeth.
  • Provides durability for a tooth. Fillings provide durability to a tooth that has been weakened by decay. Fillings also help protect a weak tooth from fractures.
  • Repairs damage to a tooth. Dental fillings have the ability to repair damage on a tooth that has been caused by decay, cavities, or trauma.
  • Prevents infection from spreading. Dental fillings prevent decay and infection from spreading to the affected tooth’s roots gums.

Dental Filling Procedure

    1. Prepping for filling – We will first numb the area so you do not experience any discomfort. Then we will place a small sheet of rubber (known as a rubber dam) over the affected tooth, isolating it from your gums and other teeth.
    2. Removing decay – Next, we will drill out all parts of the tooth affected by decay. We will then rinse the area of debris.
    3. Adding the filling – Once we have thoroughly cleaned the tooth of decay, we will apply filling to the area. We will then polish and shape the filling to match the shape of your natural teeth.