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Yes, dental implants are a safe procedure to replace missing teeth - each year there are now around
5 million implants that are placed across the USA in patients that are missing teeth. 

There has been a steady raise in the number of cases of people facing dental problems.And as when a new problem arises science bring a solution for it.Here we will discuss about dental implants a form of dental treatment for people suffering from dental problems.

Dental Implants:What Are They Exactly?

In case of dental implants some metal frames are surgically placed in the jawbone beneath the gums. These frames actually help the doctors to place a replacement teeth on the frames. Its like an artificial teeth which looks exactly like your very own teeth equally powerful but please follow the instructions of your dentist.This treatment is best suited for those who might have lost a tooth due to accidents,injury or some diseases.

They really have a look and feel of your own lost teeth.And you get back the same confidence that you had before.Many a times it is seen that people lose confidence after they lose a tooth due to some reason.Now no more.The cure is ready.

How Does This System Work?

The implants are really strong enough and they wont slip inside your mouth anytime.The main reason is that they are directly fixed into your jawbone and are much like your natural support.They are called as dentures and bridges.But if a patient has a sore spots,poor ridges then it won’t be as comfortable.The best part of this treatment is that the adjacent tooth need not be grounded unlike some other treatments.This just acts on the spot.

The main requirement of this treatment is that the patient needs to have healthy gums and sufficient bones to support the implants.The implants need to be taken care of regularly by following oral hygiene methods.The dental implants are generally most costly than other forms of treatment.

The Basic Types Of Implants - Endosteal & Subperiosteal

Endosteal Implants:In this case the bridges are directly implanted in the jawbone.They require that the surrounding gum tissues need to be in perfect condition.Then a surgery is done to connect a post to the original implant.After that a artificially tooth can be attached to the post implanted or on the bridges.

Subperiosteal Implants:Here a metal frame needs to be fitted into the jaw bone under the gums.Once the gums heal the frames gets fixed strongly to the jawbones.Then the posts come out of the gums on which artificial tooths are mounted.

After The Treatment:

Well like all surgeries there is an usual discomfort that the patient feels.The patient may face swelling of the gums,intense pain at the implant site and sometimes even bleeding. So during the period the patients are asked to take only soft foods.The stitches are generally self dissolving.

Precautions Post Surgery:

  • You need to follow the instructions of your dentist strictly.Oral hygiene need to be followed.Artificially teeth should be kept clean.
  • Check up with your dentist regularly so that if there is any problems the dentist can take care of it before it goes out of control.
  • Generally the patients are asked not to chew hard items which can break the crown.And avoid tobacco and caffeine products.


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