• Instant results. Digital x-rays are viewable within seconds, versus the time it can take to develop results from a traditional film x-ray.
  • Significantly lower radiation exposure. Digital x-rays can result in up to 70-80% lower doses of radiation versus film. Remember, even film x-rays are safe, so this significant decrease is great news for anyone still worried about the effects of radiation exposure.
  • Easier to examine. Digital photography is easy to pull up on a large screen, zoom in, and even adjust. Sometimes shifts in brightness or contrast can help your dental health professional identify underlying issues that would not be feasible with film-based x-rays.
  • Easier to archive. Digital records are far easier to access and backup. It’s much less likely to lose older x-rays, which can reduce the frequency you need x-rayed and makes it easier for dentists to compare your x-rays over time.
  • Environmentally-friendly. Digital x-rays don’t require using chemicals for development or film, so they can be completed with fewer materials and waste.

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