How to Eliminate Bad Breath

How to Eliminate Bad Breath

Do you ever find yourself checking to see how bad your breath is? Bad breath is an extremely common dental issue in America due to various reasons. From improper dental hygiene to poor dietary habits, there are many factors that can cause bad breath. Luckily there are many easy ways to cut down on bad breath, with a few simple changes you can kiss bad breath bye forever!

Increase Water Intake

A common cause of bad breath is dry mouth and lack of saliva in the mouth. Each time you eat, debris and particles from foods can get stuck in your teeth and gums, feeding bacteria that causes bad breath. Increasing the amount of water you drink and making sure to rinse down snacks with some water can help wash away debris lowering chances of bad breath.

If you still experience dry mouth after increasing your water intake, schedule an appointment with Dental Arts to evaluate other causes of dry mouth.

Clean Your Tongue

We’ve all heard how important it is to brush twice daily and floss, but what about your tongue? Just like your teeth and gums, your tongue is a great place for bacteria growth. Without proper cleaning you may experience bacteria overgrowth, resulting in bad breath. We recommend brushing your tongue each time you brush your teeth; this can help reduce bacteria in the mouth.


If you are frequently on the go, mouthwash can be a great tool in battling bad breath. Not only do most mouthwashes have a great smell, but they are also helpful in removing debris, bacteria, and plaque from your mouth. We also recommend finishing your at-home dental care routine with a rinse of mouthwash to ensure all debris has been completely removed from your mouth.

Along with these helpful bad breath tips, routine at-home dental care including brushing and flossing is essential to bad breath care and your overall oral health. If you continue to suffer from bad breath, schedule an appointment at Dental Arts KG so we can evaluate the cause of your bad breath and form a treatment plan.