ICON – Fillings Without the Drill

ICON – Fillings Without the Drill

ICON is the newest dental procedure on the market that can ensure dental fillings are done without drills. ICON is a revolutionary, pain-free treatment of cavities and white spot lesions without the dreaded drill. ICON is usually used to treat the onset of early cavities in between two teeth, and until now, dental professionals had only one of two options for treating cavities, fluoride and remineralization therapies that required drills in order to be reached. While fluoride therapy is not always effective in advanced stages, filling most usually sacrifices a significant amount of healthy tooth structure. In the following article, we will discuss exactly what ICON is, how it works, and if it is right for you.

How Does the ICON System Work?

This treatment uses resin infiltration that is carried out by means of regular dental check-ups to detect small cavities before a serious tooth decay progression. Initially, a tooth surface is prepared by using a 15% HCI gel that opens the pore system of the tooth. This surfaced is then rinsed, dried, and the ICON resin is applied to the legion or decay area, and the material on top is cured using a highly specialized UV light. As you can see, there was no anesthesia or drills required for this particular type of treatment. Many patients will enjoy this kind of procedure, as many have grown to develop a dental phobia, which is often triggered by drills.

For a detailed treatment procedure, the best way to find out exactly what icon is to ask your local dental professional.

How Do I Know if It’s Right for Me?

After looking over your circumstances, needs, and desires, the dental professionals at Dental Arts KG in Kew Gardens, NY, will work with you to come to an educated conclusion. We want all of our patients to know that we have their best interest in mind when recommending certain solutions to your dental questions. In order to schedule a consultation, give our office a call or send us an email to find out if the ICON is right for you!