Icon Dental Care Kew Gardens

Icon is a revolutionary new form of treatment for early cavities—also known as caries. Icon is a special resin material that can halt the progression of cavity growth before needles or drills become necessary in removing decay. In addition, Icon can be used in the elimination of abnormal white spots on teeth that can arise due to excess fluoride ingestion, nutritional deficiencies, or demineralization.

Benefits of IconDental Care

  • Non-invasive treatment. Icon is designed to treat early cavities without invasive drilling or needles.
  • Prevents advanced cavity development. Icon helps prevent an early cavity from growing into a larger cavity.
  • Immediate results. The entire treatment can be completed in one sitting and patients experience immediate results afterward.
  • Healthier smile. Icon treatments result in a nicer, healthier looking smile that is free of cavities and white spots.
  • Painless and no discomfort.The Icon treatment is gentle on teeth and causes no pain or discomfort. The treatment can be performed without the use of local anesthetics.
  • Preserves healthy hard tissues. Because there is no drilling involved, Icon allows us to treat your teeth without removing healthy tissue.

Icon Treatment

  1. Preparing the tooth for treatment – First, we will pre-treat the surface of the decayed tooth with a special gel.
  2. Drying the tooth – Next, we will dry the tooth and its system of pores with a unique drying agent.
  3. Applying the Icon – Finally, we will apply the Icon resin material to the early cavity, filling and sealing the decay, while stabilizing the tooth. We will use a special light to then harden the material.