Implant-Dentures: Improve Your Life!

Implant-Dentures: Improve Your Life!

It seems like conventional dentures always come with problems. They shift out of place; an improper fit can be painful, and they must be removed for cleaning. Therefore, implant dentures are believed to be like manna from Heaven. Unlike conventional dentures, implants provide better stability for improved mouth function and a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Modern research confirms that improved functionality boosts the quality of life for patients who choose implant dentures. Since this was long-term study it offers very encouraging results regarding the positive effects over the course of a lifetime.

Improvement in Almost Every Way

Eighty patients participated in the new study, divided into two separate groups,
conventional dentures, and bar-retained implants. For more than 23 years, participants were followed.

The Oral Health Impact Profile was used to evaluate patient quality of life. However, the OHIP is flawed but does embody the best approach for gauging a patient’s quality of life in terms of oral health.

The profile uncovers how people feel about their dental health in varying situations and from different viewpoints. Categories examined might include any of the following:

  • Handicap
  • Functional limitations
  • Physical pain
  • Psychological discomfort
  • Psychological or physical disability
  • Social disability

It is difficult to separate the differences between categories without examining the individual questions. The OHIP survey results concluded that implant patients were less bothered by their prosthetic teeth in virtually all categories. The one area that was not drastically different statistically was regarding social disability. Across the board, implant dentures were viewed as considerably better.

We Need a Better Measure

The one major disadvantage to this research is the limitation from the OHIP. This is a commonly used tool for measurement, that helps answer the questions at hand, but there are considerable drawbacks. It only covers how often patients feel their oral health disrupts their lives. It fails to address the positive effects of maintaining good oral health. Therefore, some additional benefits of implant dentures may be neglected.

You Can Improve Your Quality of Life

There have been other studies conducted that examine how implants improve quality of life. Osteoporotic women were researched, and the conclusion was much the same: implant dentures make life better.

If you are not satisfied with the idea of wearing dentures, and how it will negatively affect your life, it may be time to find out if you are a good candidate for dental implants. You will achieve better mouth function, so you can enjoy a more pleasurable life.