Most Common Questions About Fast Braces

Most Common Questions About Fast Braces

Crooked teeth and a crooked smile can have serious, long-term effects in your life. Thus, many commit to metal braces to fix crooked teeth. Metal braces typically take several years (an average of two) to finally achieve desirable results. In recent years, however, new methods have been developed to reduce these two years down to a fraction of that time. One such development has been fast braces.

Compared to the typical two-year commitment of metal braces, fast braces offer to fix misaligned teeth in just 6 months. That is just a quarter of what it used to take to get a great smile.

Who Qualifies?

Because gaps in your teeth or misaligned teeth are a cosmetic issue, extensive qualifications are not necessary. But, there are a few considerations to take into account. For instance, are you looking to fix a significant over-bite or under-bite? If that is the case then a more significant procedure will be required.

Differences Between Traditional Braces & Fast Braces

The most significant difference between traditional braces and fast braces is the length of treatment. Traditional braces take typically take two years, or even longer in some cases. Fast braces, on the other hand, take only 6 months. This is because these are specifically targeted to misalignments, rather than your entire mouth. Another difference is that silver or brightly colored brackets and elastics are used with traditional braces. Fast braces, however, uses clear brackets and tooth-colored wires to make them nearly unnoticeable.

Are Fast Braces Different From Clear Aligners?

Yes. Invisalign, ClearCorrect and other clear aligners are used to fix misaligned teeth. However, unlike fast braces which take only 6 months to fix crooked teeth, clear aligners usually take between 10 months and two years. Another significant difference is that, unlike clear aligners, fast braces are considered a fixed device. This means that your fast braces are intended to stay in your mouth for the duration of the treatment and are only to be removed by your dentist. You will have to come into your dentist regularly to tighten and align your braces.

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