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About kew gardens dental arts


Kew Gardens Dental Arts is a multi-specialty practice focused on helping patients return to optimal dental health  through a collaborative approach whereby if we need a specialist such as a periodontist or endodontist then there is one to treat you .

We are focused on treating the patient as a whole and not just the individual. We are a multi specialty practice with the ability to have specialists come to the practice so that you don't have to go to them. We treat everything in house - so that our doctors work as a team and that there is a seamless approach to dentistry that allows our doctors to confer on your case and develop a treatment plan that may involve the work of one or more doctors. Our focus is on returning you to optimal dental health and in creating a beautiful smile. 

Kew Gardens Dental Arts looks forward to seeing you as a patient and  in helping you achieve a beautiful smile and long lasting health. 


Hello, I’m Dr. Marc liechtung 

Practice Owner, Cosmetic Dentist and Inventor of the Snap-on-Smile®

As we all know there is nothing more beautiful in life than a healthy smile white smile. It's what Hollywood stars make their main asset and what everybody yearns for and those that have it know how lucky they are and what it does for them.
At Kew Gardens Dental Arts we are wholly committed to providing each one of our patients with the latest in dental technology combined with our vast experience. With our commitment to continuing current education we continue to keep informed and educated across a wide breadth of dental specialties ensuring that we deliver the highest standard in dental medicine to each and every one of our patients without compromise. Come and visit us at Kew  Gardens Dental Arts and see the difference. We look forward to seeing you as a patient.

M.Marc Liechtung, DMD; Practice Owner, Cosmetic Dentist, Inventor of the Snap-on-Smile®

Our Team

Our team at Kew Gardens Dental Arts is always on hand to answer any question regarding a procedure, or answer any post procedure questions. If you have a question regarding a dental procedure or an insurance question then please call the practice on 718-441-0049 and ask for Natalie the office manager or one of her assistants. We will be happy to help.






Registered Dental Hygienist


Office Manager

We look forward to seeing you as a new patient at Kew Gardens Dental Arts. We have a patient special promotion for new patients which is a $99.00 cleaning, x-rays and examination. Call us on 718-441-0049.