Teeth Extractions

Tooth Extraction at Kew Gardens, NY

If you have a tooth that is suffering from crowding, injury, or severe decay, we may recommend a tooth extraction, also known as a tooth removal. A tooth extraction is a common surgical procedure.

Benefits of Teeth Extractions

  • Eliminates discomfort. A tooth extraction will remove a tooth that has been causing discomfort and pain while chewing or speaking.
  • Allows teeth to align correctly. In cases in which patients have teeth crowding, a tooth extraction will allow the rest of the surrounding teeth to spread out and prepare them to align better with orthodontic treatment. A wisdom tooth extraction is a popular procedure performed for this reason.
  • Leaves teeth room to grow.Extracting a tooth that previously blocked the way for a permanent tooth to grow will allow the space necessary for the permanent tooth to grow correctly.
  • Prevents infection from spreading.If a tooth has been severely affected by decay to the point that a root canal treatment is not sufficient enough to save it, an extraction of the tooth will prevent the infection and inflammation from spreading further into the gums and neighboring teeth.

Tooth Extraction Process

  1. Prepping the tooth – We will first numb the area of extraction with a local anesthetic to reduce discomfort.
  2. Tooth extraction – We will surgically carefully remove the tooth from the area. We will then clean the area and apply a gauze to the extraction site to reduce bleeding.
  3. Post-extraction – For speedy recovery and healing of the extraction site, follow the diet we recommend, and avoid smoking or rinsing your mouth vigorously for the first few days after the procedure is completed.