The Importance of Bringing Children to the Dentist

The Importance of Bringing Children to the Dentist

Some parents grow hesitant to send their children to the dentist too early, but we’re here to tell you that as soon as your children even have teeth, the time has finally come to begin teaching them about the importance oral care and hygiene. Their baby teeth are just as important as their adult teeth, so by taking them to the dentist early, your setting them on a path of good dental health.

Children’s Diet

Statistics indicate that as early as three, as many as 30 percent of children are already experiencing tooth decay. This is, in large part, to do with children’s eating habits. We know that as parents it can be really difficult to excite and peak your children’s interest to eat vegetable and things healthy for them. Unfortunately, they begin to be more inclined to eat sugary foods or candies that do nothing for the health of their teeth. So because of these facts, teaching your kids how to brush and care for their teeth grows even more important.

Forming Good Habits

Parents should have a few things in mind when it comes to habits their children should pick up o drop as they continue to grow:

  • Proper use of fluoride
  • What to do about finger or thumb sucking
  • Milestones for teething
  • How to brush a child’s teeth

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